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We support growing companies and enterprises across industries in building commercially successful, scalable, and highly attractive software applications. Our team members are technology experts who always bring added value through know-how and best practices.

The #DREAMTEAMING manifesto

Deliver results and defend your clothes.
Resolve issues proactively.
Educate the people around you.
Analyze your work & be transparent.
Match the needs of the business & team,
not your ambition.


Team spirit - build and nurture relations, offer support, engage & motivate. We’re one team with the client, working towards a common goal. We want to help build amazing work environments and help individual people reach their full potential.

From our CEO

From the beginning, our vision for DEVTALENTS involved adaptability. We’re built to respond to change quickly, and to support clients who need to adjust to shifting market conditions. This approach - prioritizing flexibility and resilience - ensures that we are always ready to face even the most unique challenges.

Łukasz Chojnowski



DEVTALENTS has long roots. The company was born over a decade ago, as a typical, Rails-focused software house. Since then, we've helped deliver 300+ commercial projects and grew to include team members from various areas of expertise.


Through the experience of working with clients from various industries and all across the world, we've developed unique processes and know-how, and created our own approach to software development. We want to help companies achieve the best results possible by supporting them with our knowledge and skill.

In future

We're constantly growing and looking for new challenges. Our team is made up of highly skilled, driven people - it's their experience and ambitions that help us choose the right direction for DEVTALENTS' growth.

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