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8 minutes read

Staff augmentation vs outsourcing a dedicated team: pros and cons

Olga Trąd
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4 minutes read

Developing software products in the post-covid world: a new normal

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the world of software development were pivotal, especially for companies that had had no framework for fully remote work. Even those software development teams that were already dispersed experienced a sudden shift in client mindsets and a surge of new projects, as businesses rushed to adjust to the new normal. Now, years later, the situation seems to be stabilizing. Let’s take a look at which consequences of the pandemic are here to stay, and what it means for the future of digital business.
Olga Trąd
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7 minutes read

Budgeting for agile development projects: handling rapid change

It may seem like major global events are happening every day. Many of them are economic in nature or have lasting economic effects that reverberate through various industries. In these changeable times, agile software development projects are more likely to succeed than those bound by a less flexible approach. Let’s take a look at how budgeting with an agile software project in mind benefits businesses during unstable times.
Olga Trąd

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