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    DEVTALENTS are determined to help our partners expand and grow when opportunities arise, which means that we provide a selection of available software engineers withing two working days from first contact.


    You will work directly with your chosen developers, with no middleman to slow communication.
    Our talent is ready to adjust to your organization's practices and culture.


    The software development market is changing. Flexible forms of cooperation are the future, as they allow companies to lower costs and limit risk.


    The typical recruitment process takes 3-4 months. By working with DEVTALENTS, you gain access to top experts in only 24 hours.

    Security and compliance

    To ensure the safety of our client's projects, we perform background checks on our experts. Our company is pending ISO 2700 and 9001 certification.

    IP Security

    Intellectual rights to any work produced by our experts as part of a client's project are immediately transferred to the client, as specified in all our contracts.

    Guaranteed satisfaction

    We take responsibility for mishires and bad culture fit. If you're unhappy with one of our experts, for any reason, we will provide a replacement.

    Lower risk

    Recruitment is a costly process that might end in a mismatch between the company and the new hire. At DEVTALENTS, we provide people with proven track records and ensure a good fit.

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